Dear all

I hope you had a good weekend and are ready for a new week.

This week I will continue to set tasks for you here every day. Some of the tasks will be different as we will be working on activities that look like assesments tests. Some of these are in the same style as SATs questions.

Remember that we are also planning to have an online session on Wednesday 8th July at 10 am. As we did last week we will send an email to parents about this.

Do not forget to look at the THINKING AND TALKING TASK for this week too.

Here are your learning tasks for today.


For your literacy this week we will be using the Oak Academy resources.

During this lesson, we are going to be looking at structure questions.

Click on the link below to access today’s lesson.



From today, for maths I would like you to start working on two Arithmetic sheets every day.

Click on the this link below to download a pack with 15 sheets. I will be putting it on here every day for you to access but you can also download the whole pack.

For today start working on Sheets 6-1 and 6-2


For our normal maths lesson, click on the link below to access the Whiterose website.

Watch the video on today’s theme: Summer Week 11: Lesson 1 on ‘Vertically Opposite angles.’

Then click on BBC Bitesize next to the video and click on your year group tab to access your work for today.

Please remember you can rewatch the video as many times as you need to and you can go back to it when you are answering the questions.




For reading this week I thought we’ll move on to reading newspapers.

I’m sure you’ve seen FIRST NEWS in school before. Click on the link below to access a recent one.

Then try to read one or two pages each day this week. It is full of interesting articles and facts about all sorts of subjects.

Then share something you’ve learned with someone else in your family every day.



TOPIC – Music

Today’s session is a music lesson. Remember that this is also part of the curriculum. In this lesson learn about how texture can be used to make music more interesting, how pop songs are structured and the importance of pitch and melody.

This lesson includes:

Three videos

    Three activities

Follow the link to the BBC website to start your lesson.



Have you looked at our PE and Music Blogs recently?

Every week Miss Durrant sets PE and sports activities for everyone to try at home.

Mr Postles posts videos in which he talks about learning how to sing and play music, famous composers etc.

You can access these two blogs by clicking on PUPILS section and then on PE or MUSIC.

Have a look today!

Have a wonderful week.

Mr Camilleri