Dear all

It’s Friday again and we have the last batch of activities to finish the week. I hope you feel you have learned new things and continued to make progress in different ways when completing these tasks.

Remember to send me examples of your work or your writing about your primary school memories by email on putting my name in the title bar.

Here are your learning tasks for today.

Mr Camilleri



For your literacy this week we have been working through a ‘Talk4writing’ pack called TREASURE by James Walker.

Today we continue working on the last few tasks. If you don’t manage to finish everything today try to complete all tasks on Saturday.

Click on the link below to go straight to the activity pack.




Click on the link below to access today’s maths activity. Summer Week 10: Friday Maths Challenge

Scroll down to Friday, then click on ‘Get the activity’ to open your challenges.


Also remember to complete your Mathletics tasks. I have assigned 5 tasks for you for this week

Click on the link to access the website and log on with your details.

Some children still have a number of task from before to complete.




For reading are listening to the audio story – The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

Today and this weekend try to finish the whole book so we can move to another one from Monday.

Keep a notebook while listening to the reading. Make notes about new vocabulary you can look up later – new words in the text or other powerful words, adjectives, similes etc that you can then use in your writing, including the school memories in the Literacy task above.



Scales of Production

Today’s session is abot the basics of the different scales of production. It includes:

two video clips demonstrating the scales of production and how to scale recipes

two activities to try at home

Follow the link to the BBC website to start your lesson.


Have a wonderful week.

Mr Camilleri