Dear all

So today is the day! It is your last formal day in Year Six.

I hope you will find some time to reflect on your primary school years and think about the future.

It was a pleasure working with you and we hope to see you again soon.

Below are your Home learning tasks for this memorable day!

Mr Camilleri



Learn how to use paragraphs and homophones.

This lesson includes:

two videos

three activities

Click on the link below to access today’s lesson.




For the last week of term, revisit how to use scale factors to enlarge shapes using your multiplication and division knowledge.

This lesson includes:

a learning summary

one online activity

one worksheet with answers




For reading this week we are carrying on focusing on reading newspapers.

Click on the link below to access one issue of the FIRST NEWS newspaper from June.

Then try to read at least two pages each day this week. It is full of interesting articles and facts about all sorts of subjects.

Then share something you’ve learned with someone else in your family every day.



As today is the last day of term, I suggest you work on a creative activity making something that you can keep and that will remind you of your primary school time. What could it be?

Maybe you can use card and other materials to make a model of the school logo, or a poster of activities we do in primary school or make a poster with portraits of your teachers or class mates.

Have a wonderful day and a restful Summer break.

Mr Camilleri