Dear all

It’s Friday – and we had another week full of activities.

Apart from working on these daily blogs on the school website it was good to work together on different tasks on Wednesday during our virtual session.

Yesterday we had the school sports day for those in school but I hope you have joined in from home too!

Below are your Home learning tasks for today. Hope you enjoy working on them and learn new things. Then you can have a restful weeekend.

Mr Camilleri



For your literacy this week we are using the BBC ReviseWise resources.

Today we carry on working on yesterday’s task. There seem to have been an issue with when the page was published so if you haven’t yet started working on please do so today and they you can finish the three activities over the weekend.

Learn how to write legends, with the aid of semicolons.

This lesson includes:

three videos

three activities

Click on the link below to access today’s lesson.




This week I have put on here two Maths Reasoning Papers

Today is the last day to finish them. Make sure you attempt each example. This will give you a real feel of what tests would have been like if you sat for your Sats this term.

Click on the this link below to download the two packs and work through them either in one go timing yourself or bit by bit through the week.

They will be on here every day for you to access and use them any day you choose.




For our normal maths lesson, click on the link below to access the Whiterose website.

Click on the link below and scroll down to Summer Week 12: Friday Maths challenge.




For reading this week we’ll carry on focusing on reading newspapers.

Click on the link below to access one issue of the FIRST NEWS newspaper from June.

Then try to read at least two pages each day this week. It is full of interesting articles and facts about all sorts of subjects.

Then share something you’ve learned with someone else in your family every day.


TOPIC – Geography

Yesterday we carried on working on our Summer term topic ‘Discovering London’

Have you done your research about London? What were your three interesting facts about London?

Over these two days we are being creative and try to use our design and technology skills to make a model of a London Ladmark.

Have a look at the picture below. Choose one you think you can make out of card and other materials. I hope you have found card and other materials to make a model.

Today add a few more details and then paint and decorate.

Mr Camilleri