Good morning Year Five and Happy Wednesday!

Today it’s the 1st of July! I can’t believe how time has gone by so quickly!

Audio/Reading Book

I have selected a story from the website Audible for you this week. This story is about a boy who begins a new school full of superheroes. It has a good sense of humour. To listen to the story, you will need to click on the play button at the bottom of the page on Audible. You can also choose a chapter on the right of the play button.

Click on the link below to access the story:


Reading & Literacy – Genre Focus: Biography


This week, the focus of your literacy task is biographies. Biographies are long texts that retell the life of important people. They are often written by journalists or writers that have studied the life of the person they are writing about. Today’s lesson will focus specifically on the features of biographies. Click on the link below to start your lesson:




Well done to those who completed the Sumdog competition last week you did really great by answering all those questions!

This week, you will need to access Summer Term – Week 10 on the home learning White Rose page. This week’s focus is on identifying and calculating angles. You will also revise how to use a protractor. We have done this previously in class, but it will be useful for you to revise your knowledge of angles. To access the activities that go with each day’s lesson, you will need to click on the BBC bitesize link on the right side and then click on Year 5/P6 to access the activity of the day.

To access the Week 10 page, lesson 3 click on the link below:


When you have completed your daily lesson and activity, continue to challenge your mathematical reasoning by accessing Mathletics and the new tasks I have set for you:



Topic: Spanish

Today you will access you sixth Spanish lesson. The focus will specifically be on saying where you live in Spanish ‘Donde vives?’ You will need a pencil and some paper for the lesson. Click on the link below to access it:



Have a good day 🙂

Miss Berglund