Good morning Year Three,

I hope you all are ready for another day.

Here are your tasks for today.

Literacy Task

This week we are working on a booklet. The tasks are on Unicorns.

You will be working on this booklet for the whole week.


Reading task

Read a chapter of your book. Write a character description for one of the characters in the book.

Maths Task

For your maths activity today please follow the link to the White Rose website and complete the activities that I have suggested below.

Today you will be completing Summer Term, Week 10, Lesson 4; Tell the time to 5 minutes.

Scroll down on the link below and click on the right-hand side of the page to open the activity.


Science Lesson

Today we will be having a Science lesson on the ‘Sound’.

Watch the videos and complete the activities of the lesson.

Follow the link below to take you to your lesson.



Have you recorded a clip of you singing for our online choir project?

If you haven’t yet click on the link below to access the Music Blog and find out more about how to do it. You can then send it to us on email on


Enjoy the rest of your day and stay safe – I will be setting you a fresh set of tasks tomorrow.