Good morning Year One,

I hope you’re all enjoying this week’s activities and are ready for today’s work.

Below you will find the activities for your home learning today.


Click on the link below to access today’s maths activity.

Watch the video on today’s theme: Summer Week 12: Lesson 4 on ‘Comparing Time’

Then click on BBC Bitesize next to the video and click on your year group tab to access your work for today.

Please remember you can rewatch the video as many times as you need to and you can go back to it when you are answering the questions.



It is writing day.

We will start to write our instructions today, using our instruction map to help us.

You will need a piece of paper, lined if possible, and a pencil.

Click on the link below to go straight to the Oak Academy website for today’s lesson.



This week we are listening to the audio story – Dragon Planet by Dan Wells

Click on the link below to start listening. Try to listen to about 20 to 30 minutes each day so we can finish this book over two weeks.

While listening keep a pencil and paper and write down any big words that you don’t know.

Then ask an adult in your family about what they mean or look them up in a dictionary.



In this lesson, you’re going to create a dance inspired by the symmetry of the dancing snowflakes in The Nutcracker.

A symmetrical shape is one which is the same on both sides.

This lesson includes:

An introduction to symmetry and asymmetry

Two introductory films that explore The Nutcracker

Three activities to do at home – all you need is a clear empty space and you can adapt the task to how big or small your space is.

Follow the link to the BBC website to start this lesson.



Have you looked at our PE and Music Blogs recently?

Every week Miss Durrant sets PE and sports activities for everyone to try at home.

Mr Postles posts videos in which he talks about learning how to sing and play music, famous composers etc.

You can access these two blogs by clicking on PUPILS section and then on PE or MUSIC.

Have a look today!

I hope you all enjoy the work that has been set for you today.

Remember that you can always email me any questions at showing ‘Year 1’ in the title.

Have a good day!