Good morning Year One and happy Friday.

Today is the last day of Term. It is also the last official day in year 1 and when you return in September you will all be in Year 2.

It has been a different year than usual. But we all made it till the end so well done for your good efforts and good work.

Here are your home learning activities for this final day.

Have a good Summer break.


Click on the link below to access today’s maths activity.

For this last activity of the term we’ll put numbers and languages together and learn about numbers in French!

In this lesson learn basic greetings and some French numbers.

This lesson includes:

one supermovers active learning video

one video

two activities



For writing this week I am suggesting a topic for you to write about each day.

Today your topic is: THE DAYS OF THE WEEK.

Think about things you normally do on different days of the week. Then write a sentence for each day, for example:

Every Monday I go shopping with my parents.

Maybe you would like to draw a picture of what you do each day.



This week we are continuing to listen to the audio story – Dragon Planet by Dan Wells

Click on the link below to continue listening. Try to listen to about 20 to 30 minutes each day.

While listening keep a pencil and paper and write down any big words that you don’t know.

Then ask an adult in your family about what they mean or look them up in a dictionary.


PE activity

Today’s session is about keeping fit.

Follow the link and join in with this activity.

Try to remember the different activities and you can carry on with them throughout the summer holidays.


I hope you all enjoy the work that has been set for you today and since we started these blogs at the beginning of Lockdown.

Have a good day and enjoy your Summer Holidays!