Hello Reception,

I hope you are having a wonderful day so far!

Phonics activity

As usual, please practise your phonics, revising your Phase 3 sounds and tricky words:

If you are confident with phase 3 sounds and tricky words, move onto Phase 4 words!

Here are the flashcards to practise your sounds:


Make sure you are reading daily with your children and encouraging them to write to allow them to apply this knowledge.

Literacy activity

For the next two days we are going to be designing our own superhero inspired by the story Superheroes – All sorts that we have been reading.

Today encourage your child to think of their own superhero.

You can ask them key questions like:

‘What would your superhero be called?’

‘What would their superhero power be?’

‘What makes them special?’

‘What is their superhero costume?’

Help your child to draw their superhero, adding as much detail as they can. Tomorrow we will be labelling them.

Maths activity

We are continuing to work through this weeks maths booklet, you do not need to complete the Year 1 activities unless you and your child are very confident to do it.


Make believe play

Miss Roberts