Hello Reception,

Welcome to a new week! I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Let’s have a stretch to start the week:


Please practise your phonics, especially those Phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs:

Watch a video on these sounds here:

And then test yourself using the flashcards:


Literacy activities

Today’s literacy activity is a speaking and lsitening activity related to the story Owls and Dinosaurs.

Have a read of it here:


Here are today’s activities:


Maths activity

This week’s maths activities are based on the book The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet.

Have a read of the story here:

Here are today’s activities:


Understanding the World-Dinosaurs

Have a look at these activities on LGFL on What are Dinosaurs? watch the video and take a look at the vocabulary.


Then have a look at the lesson on How Do We Know What Dinosaurs Looked Like? Watch the video and have a look at some dinosaur skeletons.


Have fun!

Miss Roberts