Hello Reception,

Welcome to a new week! I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Phonics activity

Please continue to practise phonics everyday, especially those tricky phase 3 sounds.

This only needs to take 5 minutes but it is vital that your child learns this to allow them to succeed in their reading and writing.

Watch this video to practise, repetition is a good way to help your child to remember the sounds and be able to recall them instantly.


Then practise them using the quick flashcards game:


Literacy activity

This week’s literacy activites are based on the story Boris and Sid are bad.

Read it here:


Today’s activity is a listening and speaking activity.


Maths activity

This week’s maths activity uses the book How Many Legs.

Read/listen to the story before beginning the activities:


Here are today’s activities based on the story:


Understanding the world

Lemon juice secret messages

1. Add about 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of lemon juice to the cup. Fresh squeezed or bottled juice will work just fine.

2. Soak an end of the cotton swab or put the paint brush into the lemon juice. You’ll use this to write your message.

3. Write your message on the plain paper. You’ll be able to see it as long as the paper is wet so let the lemon-juice message dry completely.

There’s no rush to revealing the message but when it comes time to read it, there are several methods of heat sources. NOTE: If you choose the open flame method, make sure an adult helps out. Setting the message and/or yourself on fire are not what you want to do. Whichever method you choose, start at the bottom of the message and work your way up since heat rises.

Here are some options:

You can hold the paper over an incandescent light bulb with OK results. It may be hard to tell if the bulb is hot enough, so you may not kow whether your paper is blank or whether you just can’t see the message yet.

You can “iron” your paper but don’t use the steam setting. This may be the best method. A clean rag between the iron and the paper helps keep the iron’s hot surface clean.

Hold the paper over a hot burner on a stove. There will be some distortion of the paper as it gets hot and the message appears. Watch your fingers!

You can use a hairdryer on a hot setting.

Here is a video if you want to see how it is done:


Have fun and stay safe!

Miss Roberts