Hello Reception,

Happy Friday!

Phonics activity

Please practise your Phase 3 phonics:

Watch the video to learn the sounds:


Then practise using the flashcards:


Literacy activity

As you have been doing such wonderful writing this week, I would like you to use today to share stories. Find some of your favourite books and enjoy them together. Grown-ups can read to children, children can read to their grown-ups.

You could use toys to act out the story, giving your characters different voices and actions.

You could even make up your own stories, use puppets or listen to stories in video or audio format.

It is important to instil a love of reading into your children and what better way to do this than sharing their favourite stories with their loved ones.

Maths activity

This is the last day of maths activities related to the story How Many Legs? .

Read/listen to it once more here:

Here are today’s activities:


Expressive arts and design

Colour mixing

This fun experiment involves combining different colours to see what colours they create.

You can use this template or just some paper you have around.

See what wonderful colours you can make. Perhaps try making predictions before you mix and then see if you are correct.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Roberts