PE & Sports

Welcome to the Physical Education section of our website.

Already we have achieved so much in our PE lessons. We have learnt the components and importance of a warm up. We have  learnt new skills and developed existing skills in many different sports, including: netball, basketball, gymnastics, football, dance, tag rugby, team building, orienteering, hockey and multi-skills. We have also taken part in many borough-wide competitions and virtual competitions, including dodgeball, football and sport hall athletics.

We will continue our PE lesson together, through the links on this page and also on our school twitter page: @SJTDPrimary_PE   I am looking forward to seeing your videos and photos.

Fitness Challenge Workout 6

Well done keep going, you are doing really well. Complete each activity for 35 seconds and then rest for 25 seconds. FITNESS WORKOUT 6  

Fitness Challenge Workout 4

Well done with completing all the activities so far. Now have a go at this weeks fitness challenge workout. Make sure you rest between activites. Try doing the activities in… Read more »

Fitness Challenge workout 2

Well done, to everyone that completed the Fitness challenge workout 1. Now, have ago at this weeks Fitness Challenge Workout 2. Remember to do the activity for 35 seconds and… Read more »

Fitness 5 minutes Workout 1

5 minutes fitness workout: Complete each fitness activitiy for 35 seconds and then rest for 25 seconds before moving onto the next activity. FITNESS WORKOUT