House Points

At St John the Divine we have a House Point System which is designed to embody the values and ethos of our school; it is an important part of our school community.

The House system provides opportunities for children to work together across classes, deepen their understanding of our values as well as foster a greater awareness of individual and collective responsibility and develop new skills.

Each house is named after a significant leader in a variety of fields such as science, culture or politics, chosen by the children in our school.

Children receive house points for demonstrating our school values as well as their attitude to learning, the table below shows the number of house points received, and will be updated regularly.

Augustine Garrison Franklin Dickens
1232 1326 1500 1626

Tokens last added – Monday 23rd March 2020

Congratulations – it looks like Dickens are our house champions once again!

Congratulations to all in Dickens – our 2018-2019 house point winners. 

2017 – 2018 – Dickens

2016 -2017 – Augustine

House Captains

Here at St John the Divine we recognise the importance and value of House  and Vice House Captains in supporting all children in our school.

The roles and responsibilities of our Captains include:

  • To be polite and well-mannered
  • To be organised and committed to representing the House
  • Well-presented in uniform and appearance
  • Able to communicate with children, staff and the wider community
  • Desire to act responsibly and to be a role model to other children
  • To wear their badge with pride


Choosing our House Names.

The School Council  selected six nominees as names for our houses and the whole school participated in an election to choose the final four on Friday 30th September 2016.