Hello Everyone!

We are in the month of July Hooray!

I have been thinking about the story map from yesterday and I would like to demonstrate how to do this in more detail,

A story map will help yor child learn the elements of a story such as characters, plot, setting, problem and solution.

First watch this video on the Magic Porridge Pot.

Then recall the main events by drawing a simple picture to represent each part of the story like the picture below with your child.

Next get child to dicuss the main components of the story such as the characters, setting, and beginning, middle and end.

Get your child to use the story map to retell the story and fill in missing parts.

For Maths today i would like your child to have a go at completing a missing number game.

This can be played by you calling a sequence of numbers and your child trying to work out what number you have missed out or you can play by writing a sequence and your child fills in the blank.

This can be done by magnetic numbers / number cards or by them attempting to write the numbers.

Why not have a go at some den building and create a fun place to read at home?

Best wishes

Miss Bagnall