Hello Everyone!

For today’s lesson I would like to base our activities on the book The Smartest Giant in Town by Julian Donaldson.

For today’s mark making activity

I would like you to draw a poster for a shop selling giant clothes.

Can you design a new set of clothes for the giant to wear on different occasions for example a party and a running race?

For today’s maths activity

Can you find various item of clothing that belongs to members of your household like the picture above? For example in my house we found the baby’s tshirt, my daughter’s tshirt and my tshirt

Can you make a price list for the giants clothes?

For today’s Expressive Arts and Design

Can you design a new tie for the Giant?

For today’s Understanding the World

The giant helps lots of different people can you think of people who help us?

The giant helps lots of different animals throughout the story could you think of a way you could help some today?

Think of someone who has helped you in your life. How could you show them appreciation?

Best Wishes

Miss Bagnall