Hello Everybody!

This story always make me smile. It is about a very who grows super strong after its Mother begins feeding him mashed Avocado.

Below is a picture of Miss Bagnall as a baby for our Speaking and Listening Task why not look at some old photos of your child as a baby and ask your child what they know about babies?

This can be extended into a Understanding the World Task by getting your child to talk about themselves as babies and what they could and couldn’t do.

For Mark Making I would like the children to draw their favourite food and write a caption or label for their drawing.

For Maths I would like you to attempt completing a tally chart with your child and find out about favourite foods.

To make a tally chart you record four horizonal lines and one diagonal. Explain to your child that every thime we get five votes this will happen.

Make a fictional tally chart and get your child to count the amount,

Best Wishes

Miss Bagnall