Hello Everyone!

Continuing with the theme of Reading why not play some reading games with your child.

Odd one out is a great game to promote reasoning skills.

I have provided some examples that can be used in Reading, Maths and Understanding the World.

You need to ask your child to find the odd one out in a group. This can be done with with physical items as well as pictorial.

Show your child the things you want to identify the odd one from and ask them to discuss their reasons.

This is great for reading as your child will need to label the objects.

For Maths why not introduce yor child to odd and even numbers?

The example above uses Numicon but you could use counters in groups. (I like to use sweets or biscuits especially at home. At school I would use counters)

You will need two bowls or you could draw two people and name them Odd Todd and Even Steven.

For example you could have three counters one for me one for you and one for me. Oh no there is none for you. That’s odd those sweets must belong to Todd.

Repeat for an even number. I have two and you have two thats the same lets give them to Even Steven to look after.

Continue this for numbers up to 10.

Best Wishes

Miss Bagnall