Hello Everybody!

I was speaking about getting the classroom ready for next year and having a good tidy up with Mrs Islam and it reminded of my favourite story by Emily Gravett.

Pete the Badger likes everything neat and tidy at all times, but what starts as collecting of one fallen leaf escalates quickly and ends up with the complete distruction of the forest.

Task 1:

Pete is a badger. Can you find out more about badgers?

Where do they live?

What do they eat?

What is a Badger’s home called?

Task 2:

Draw a picture of Pete cleaning or a picture of the forest before and after Pete has cleaned it?
What room in your home would Pete like to clean?

What piece of cleaning equipment will he like to use the most?
Is there anything in your home that you could tidy?

Task 3:

Use leaves or other natural materials to create your own art?
Create some pictures of trees using finger painting.

You could make a handprint and then add finger prints to make the leaves?

Task 4:

At the end of the story the animals have a picnic. What food would the animals eat at the picnic?

Task 5: Maths

Ask your child to use their fingers to represent numbers. Alternatively you can make hands using plastic gloves filled with sand or sugar and your child can play with them and count the amounts using the fingers.

Can you sing a song that involves numbers. 1,2,3,4.5 once I caught a fish alive or zoom zoom zoom we are going to the moon.

Best wishes

Miss Bagnall