Hello Everybody!

I was reminded of this book when I was feeding my children their dinner. Can you guess what they were eating?


Puffy’s talent is blowing bubbles can you think of your special talents?

Puffy gets upset when everyone wants to play with Barry. What could he do to maske himself feel better?

Puffy is described as a spoilsport? Dicuss what a Spoil sport is?

For Maths

Can you count your fingers ?

Barry has lots of favourite activities like painting and knitting, amongst other things. Can you count your favourite activities on your fingers?

Design a scarf for Puffy using a repeating pattern?

For Mark making

Can you draw around your hands and design some gloves for Barry to wear other his fingers?

Can you draw or design another animal with fingers?

For Expressive Arts and Design and Physical Development

Can you create a fish by using your hand?

You Will need to:

Draw around your hand and cut it out

Add your design to a blue background

Best wishes

Miss Bagnall