Hello Everybody!

I was speaking to my friend about our favourite Early Years books and we both mentioned The Gruffalo.

Today’s blog are my favourite activities based on The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.


Can you draw the Gruffalo? How is he described in the text? Have you remembered his purple prickles and his posionous wart at the end pof his nose?

Show your child a picture of the Gruffalo and get them to point out the body parts or add a counter to where the body part is :

Say, show me Gruffalo’s….

terrible claws

terrible tusks

terrible jaw with his terrible teeth

terrible horns

knobbly knees

turned-out toes

poisonous wart on his nose

black tounge

purple prickles

orange eyes

brown ears

bushy tail.


Alternatively can you read the body parts and get your child to count how many things you have read out.

Order the characters from the story by looking at the image above.

For an outside activity why not attempt to create a Gruffalo tree.

Best wishes

Miss Bagnall