Hello Everybody!

As it is Friday I thought I would promote Fine Motor Skills essential for writing by suggesting a weaving activity.
Weaving can help children learn to create patterns and work through problems that they may encounter whilst weaving.
It can also be an artistic expression.
I will show you Paper weaving and this is great for Maths, Speaking and Listening and Expressive arts and Design.

You will need:

  • Paper in various colours
  • Glue
  • scissors
  • A ruler (can be done by eye)

To set up and complete:

          • Cut the paper into a square shape

            Fold  the piece of paper in half

            Srart from the folded edge
            Cut evenly spaced slits (mine were about 2 1/2 cm) ​About 2 fingers in width
            Stop 2 cms from the opposite edge

            Unfold the paper

            Cut coloured strips of paper
            Mine are longer than the frame and about 2cm wide (Two fingers in width)

            Weave your first strip
            Go over and under the frame slits

            Move the woven strip to the top and begin the next one .
            Weave the second strip in an opposite pattern to the first,
            If your first slit went over and under then your second slit should go under and over.

            Weave the rest of the strips

            Apply glue to excess pieces on the strips

            Fold the excess pieces over the edges of the paper frame
            Press the glue in place.

            Flip the paper over
            Congratulations you have completed your paper weave.

            For Maths Why not try weaving Outside with a fence and fabric. (cut up some oid material in school I have used an old duvet cover / sheet / wool

            Ask your child to count how many times they have gone in and out?
            Ask how many pieces of fabric have you used?

            Best Wishes

            Miss Bagnall