Hello Everybody!

I hope you are well. I have been thinking about a quote that I saw about dancing “if you stumble make it part of your dance” and it reminded me of a classic Eyfs book called Giraffes Can’t Dance.

For Speaking and Listening today I would like you to discuss and complete these activities with an adult.

First we are going to be looking at alliteration, Waltzing Warthogs is an example of this. Can you think of your own alliteration? For example hopping hedgehogs or kaolas doing Karate.

Can you think of some words that describe Gerald’s Giraffes dancing? For example in the text the words swishing, swaying and shuffling are used.

The first page of the book uses words to describe the giraffe. Can you describe a giraffe?

The animals think Gerald can’t dance . Some people say “There is no such word as can’t” What does this mean?

For Understanding of the World I would like you to find out about giraffes.

Where do they live in the wild?

What do they eat?

Do they have any special adaptations?

The author wrote the book after they visited Kenya. Can you locate Kenya on a map? Look at some images from Kenya. Is it similar or different to where you live?

For Maths i would like you to try one of these activities:

Make a shopping list of items that might be needed for the Jungle Dance. How many of each item might be needed and how much will it cost?

Carry out a survey in your home to find out which animal your family think will be the best dancers.

Find out how tall the different animals are in the story (eg. cricket, warthog, lion, giraffe) estimate which would be the shortest and which will be the tallest.

For Expressive Arts and Design I would like you to try these activities:

Compose a song to be sung at the Jungle dance.

Create a dance to some music.

Make a shaker to play at the dance. You need a empty bottle and fill it with rice or pasta.

Best Wishes

Miss Bagnall