Hello Everyone!

Wow! We are at the end of another week and I have been reminded of how much fun we had in our water tray by this story called Billy’s Bucket by Kes Gray,

For our Mark Making task I would like you to draw some of the sea creatures in Billy’s bucket and could you label them with initial sounds.

Alternatively imagine the items you might have in your bucket and support your child writing a list.

For our Speaking and Listening and Communication and Language task get your child to answer to answer these questions about rhyme:

What lives in the sea and rhymes with dish? Fish

What do you fimd on the beach that rhymes with Bell? Shell

What lives in the sea and rhymes with park? Shark

What is very big and rhymes with nail? Whale

What do toy find at the bottom of the sea and rhymes with Clock? Rock

For Maths I would like us to fill differemt containers and compare the amounts in each container.

You could also use capacity lanuague such as full, half full and empty.

Add some blue food colouring to make the water blue,

For understanding of the world I would like you to find objects that float or sink like the example below:

Best Wishes

Miss Bagnall