St John the Divine Virtual Choir Performance!

St. John the Divine Primary – Virtual Choir Performance!


We are going to put together an online choir performance of the children of St. John the Divine. We have chosen three songs which we often use as a warm up in our music lessons, so they should be well known to the children. In order to make this happen, all you need to record your child singing along to one (or all three!) of the songs. There are a few things we need to get right, so please keep reading! If you would like to see me explain the information in a video, please follow this link:


Oh when the Saints go Marching in
I want to Sing Sing Sing
Swing Low Sweet Chariot

What I need you to do:

1. Click on the pictures below to access the backing tracks. This should work on a phone, computer or tablet. The backing track is me at home, so apologies if the quality is poor!

2. Encourage your child to sing along by using the backing track with headphones in. Be careful to stay in time with the music, do not rush or slow down. Keep the speed nice and steady with the piano and my voice.

3. Important: it is not possible to listen to the backing track whilst videoing your child on the same phone. You will therefore need two phones / devices, as shown in the diagram below.

– In the photo above: on the left is your child singing! They will be listening to the backing track through headphones. On the right is the second phone. It could be on table, or it could be held by you! This phone on the right is recording your child sing along to the song.

– You can record using a tablet, or a laptop if you would prefer to. I have used the example of two phones, as I hope this will be available to everyone.

When you’re finished recording:

– Email your video(s) to The video should be about 1 minute long, so can fit into an email easily.

I’ll take care of the rest and I will share the result with you when it’s all done! The video will be a positive take away from this very troubling time in all of our lives. If you have any problems, please get in touch. No question is a silly one!

Top tips for a good recording:

1. Make sure you are in a well lit area so we can see your child on the video.

2. Make sure your child is wearing appropriate clothing.

3. Make sure the recording phone is positioned so you get the best possible sound.

4. Make sure that the camera is nice and still!

5. Try and record it in a quiet place, if you are able to, so we can cut down on background noise.

I’m looking forward to seeing some of the submissions!


Click on the pictures for the backing tracks!

Swing Low Sweet Chariot:

Oh When the Saints go Marching in:

I want to Sing, Sing, Sing!

Mr Postles.