George Floyd was an African- American man who died after being held in police custody on 25th May 2020.

He was suspected of using fake money – police officers stopped him and held him down by kneeling on his neck. Despite repeatedly saying he could not breathe George was not released and soon afterwards he died.

You can find out more about what is happening in America, and across the globe, in response to George Floyds death, by clicking on the Newsround link below

Here in school we have been thinking about the ways that we can ensure we are promoting equality, making sure everyone is treated fairly.

We recognise and celebrate that we are all different in so many ways – what is important is that we treat each other with love and respect and we call out all incidents of hatred, whatever form they come in.

‘Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.’  Proverbs 10:12

Parents, the link below will take you through to an online book all about Teaching Tolerance to children. It is written for an American audience, but the content is as relevent here as it is across the water.