Religious Education & Collective Worship

Our Christian values underpin all we do here at St John the Divine.

They are evident in the teaching of Religious Education and in our daily acts of Collective Worship.


Religious Education

Religious Education (RE) here at St John’s is not simply a part of the curriculum, rather it is the foundation on which our distinctively Christian character is build.  We believe that the starting point for RE  is a child’s own awareness of their spirituality, moral standards and codes of behaviour, their experiences and their attempts to make sense of them and the world around them. Through RE we aim to help children understand the world of Faith, encouraging them to reflect, in as greater depth as they are able to, on the experiences that life brings their way.

RE enables our children to explore the big questions of the world, to learn about Christianity, past and present, and to find out about other world religions. Through our teaching, we want our children to have the opportunity to identify, share and discuss the values that shape and define us, to understand the world and their place within it and to develop respect and tolerance for others and their views.

When planning for RE we follow the Diocesan Syllabus for Religious Education, teaching children about Faith, they learn about religion and they learn from religion. The syllabus sets out the knowledge, skills and understanding that children at different stages of their learning are expected to acquire.

Below is a link to our RE curriculum overview.