Natural Thinkers

Natural thinkers is a programme which promotes outdoor learning and helps children to connect with nature through a range of fun and inspiring activities. Here at St. John the Divine, we promote outdoor learning through our broad and balanced curriculum, beginning in the Early Years and continuing through to Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.


Our Early Years and Key Stage One classes have been awarded the
Natural Thinkers Setting status. We have shown our commitment to their ten principles:

1. Children have access to a range of natural areas and materials outside.

2. Children have opportunities to grow, pick and taste produce.

3. Children have access to gardening and digging.

4. Children care for their natural environment.

5. Children engage with the weather and seasons.

6. Children have opportunities to engage with wildlife.

7. Children have daily access to the outside.

8. Settings ensure no child is excluded from outdoor activities.

9. Settings ensure parents have opportunities to get involved with Natural Thinkers activities.

10. At least 1 member of staff must have attended Natural Thinkers training.


Children are given regular opportunities to learn outside across the curriculum.

Recently in Natural Thinkers…

We are delighted we our new Kitchen Garden and we are looking at different ways to explore the natural world!