School Development Plan

Our School Development Plan (SDP) outlines our long term, strategic priorities alongside our focus for improvement for the current academic year.

Our Priorities for 2019 -2020

Leadership and Management

  • To ensure the quality of teaching and learning is consistently strong across all subjects and all year groups securing positive outcomes for all children
  • Build leadership capacity at all levels, including governance and subject leadership, so that all leaders demonstrate deep and accurate understanding of the school’s effectiveness, informed by the views of the pupils, parents and staff. Leaders will use this knowledge to further improve provision by focusing on the impact of actions in key areas./ allowing all pupils to excel.


  • To ensure that all children, including higher attaining children, maintain standards making expected or better than expected progress and achieve inline, or above, National expectations
  • Following on from analysis, review gender differences in both progress and attainment in maths, across the school, to close the achievement gap
  • To ensure all children with SEND are making good progress from their starting points through quality first teaching and research-based intervention
  • To ensure our children and staff are well prepared and ready to undertake new national tests without compromising the children’s well-being or the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum (Year Four Multiplication – Summer 2019-20 and Reception Baseline – Sept 2020)

Teaching and Learning

  • To ensure that teachers’ expectations of children’s learning in all subjects in consistently high and that opportunities are given for children to deepen their knowledge and skills across all curriculum areas – so that our children know more, remember more and are able to do more
  • To develop a shared approach to teaching and learning (through the use of peer observation, coaching and collaboration across the school and the cluster) so that teaching helps pupils to develop their long term memory and the application and transfer of skills


  • To raise standards in both reading and writing across the school resulting in expected or better than expected standards combined, across all year groups
  • To improve writing across the school, for all pupil groups, ensuring there are sufficient, planned for opportunities for children to write at length both in literacy and in other subject areas

Curriculum Development

  • To share good practice to ensure consistency of delivery, and to further strengthen the assessment of our connected curriculum

Personal Development, Behaviour and Attitudes

  • To enhance children’s broader development of key life-skills, through providing a wide range of opportunities for them to grow in confidence and resilience
  • To ensure that staff feel emotionally supported by routinely evaluating their workload, offering advice and guidance as required to improve staff well-being


  • To ensure children’s language and vocabulary needs are systematically planned for to enable us to develop confidence and fluency when speaking and reading

Christian Distinctiveness

  • To develop opportunities for the children to explore courageous advocacy through global partnerships and addressing issues of injustice and inequality in the world

School Development Plan Feedback / Suggestions