Our School Values

At St John the Divine we reflect on and celebrate a  different value each month.

These values are discussed in class and collective worship, they feature in our daily prayers and in our praise assembly. We read stories which demonstrate the value and learn about people who inspire us to show this quality in our daily lives.

At the beginning of each month, we share our value with the school community through our Values Newsletter. This year our Worship Leaders have taken over the responsibility for producing our Values Newsletter. They have revised the format and introduced a section where children can respond to the value and write a prayer or poem which will be used in collective workship. To view the latest newsletter, click on the link below.

British Values

St John the Divine Church of England Primary School serves a diverse, open and accepting community.

Here at St John’s, everyone is committed to the values espoused within the Gospels. As modern British values have evolved from a time when we were historically Christian, our Gospel values and British values are fundamentally the same.

Through the teaching of our curriculum, we believe in and promote core British values including democracy, respect, tolerance, acceptance, peace, being non-judgmental, humility, justice, the rule of the law, the dignity of each human being and individual liberty, forgiveness, generosity, fairness, discipline and hope.

St John’s promotes ‘Prevent’ to all stakeholders.  Prevent forms part of our culture of safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all of our children.  For more information on the Prevent Duty please click on the link below.

Our Pledge for Peace

I pledge to use my words

to speak in a kind way.

I pledge to help others

as I go throughout my day.

I pledge to care for our Earth

with my healing hand and heart.

I pledge to respect people

in each and every land.

I pledge to join together

as we unite big and small.

I pledge to do my part

to create peace for one and all.

The Pledge of Kindness

I pledge to myself,

On this very day,

To try to be kind,

In every way.

To every person,

Big or small,

I will help them,

If they fall.

When I love myself,

And others, too,

That is the best,

That I can do.

Values and Months

September – Self Control

October – Patience

November – Forgiveness

December – Joy

January -Kindness

February -Love

March – Faithfulness

April -Gentleness

May -Peace

June -Goodness

July – Hope